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31/12/2014 - The Plague Doctors Review of 2014!

By Master P Filth

Yes, it's actually here! And with just hours to spare!
Let one third of your favourite wrong-pop band guide you through some things that happened in the world of culture and the arts in 2014.

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22/12/2013 - Songs of the year

By Master P Filth

These have been my favourite songs this year.

Here are the rules:

1. They're not all from this year. 

2. Only one song per artist, otherwise it would have all been Daft Punk

3. They're not in any order.

4. No Blurred Lines.

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08/12/2013 - My albums of the year

By Master P Filth

This year was the year I really got into bands I'd had no previous interest in, and continued to be obsessed with Kanye West.

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